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Our Work

Not only do we offer fantastic financial advice, put together great financial plans, and build out a portfolio that will help you sleep at night; we also do this for our Catholic clients in a Catholic way. Being devout in the faith ourselves, we know we have consequences in this life, and all that we do should be ordered and oriented towards God. Our finances and wealth should be no exception. 

Church Altar

What We Do

Create a financial plan through the lense of the Catholic faith

Build out an investment portflio that screens out companies that behave contrary to our faith.

Once the goals and portfolio are alighned we cover legacy planning

Finally, creative and strategic tithing.

Church Windows

Why Catholic

Our morals and virtues and world views should be aligned. 

There are many options for financial plans and portfolios. A key differentiator will ultimately be philosophy; the principles and practices of life and business, plus the moral compass you and your advisor subscribe to. 


The the world gets dark, times get uncertain, and your faith is tested; who do you want captaining your ship? An atheist? An agnostic? What about someone who shares your exact belief system, but who also can craft and anchor that same system with the world of finance and how to interpret that arena. 

This is exactly what we do here, we combine faith and finance, and view it through that lens together. 

Church Windows
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Catholic Investing

The most common issue we find between regular advisors and our firm is that the regular advisor does not understand, deep to the core, what it means to invest according to our faith. 

For example, we make sure we screen out (not invest in) companies that are using your money to do things in the world that are counter to our faith. For example, any companies that aid in abortion, adult entertainment, abortive agents, child labor, gambling, stem cell research, landmines, cluster bombs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, child hormone blockers, or other vice related industries.

Why invest your hard earned, life savings, into companies that degrade humanity, families, society, and decency. Let us help you avoid aiding those businesses and industries. 

On Tithing

Several years ago I volunteered for the Planned Giving ministry with the ArchDiocese of Los Angeles. During the talk we would cover estate planning, tax planning, financial planning, accounting, and legacy gifting. This was all done through the context of the Church. Over time I improved on the Biblical aspect of money and tithing. There is a wealth of wisdom in the Bible about money, but it was always fun to look at the joys of charity and tithing. Below are a few samples that I've kept over the years and want to share with you here. 

Tithing is a tricky subject. We all want to give more, but how to give is sometimes the stumbling block. Not everyone is in a position to tithe, but the goal is if you want to tithe, we can find a way. If you have substantial means, we can design creative ways to have a much larger impact in our Church, community, ministries, and beyond. 

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Provide and Protect

We are called to be good stewards in this life, and if we are blessed with money we are called to a higher level of responsibility. Scripture if full of lessons and parables on wealth, tithing and stewardship. 

The First Tithe

The first tithe in the Bible was a eucharistic celebration. In exchange for the eucharist and blessings, was a 10% tithe from Abram to the High Priest and King of Salem. A massive war was fought and won, and with great humility and justice and gratitude for this victory, a tithe was offered. 

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Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

It is in giving that we receive, and going back to the Old Testament we can see the power of charity. An Angel of the Lord teaches a lesson of what is more efficacious for the soul. Pray? Fasting? Or Almsgiving? God knows what is good for us, what can fill us up to a higher calling, and it is in the giving on alms we are transformed deeper.

Widow's Mite

Catholics have a history of giving, from universities, to hospitals, to orphanages and beyond. We are a people who give until it hurts. It is the radical joy St. Theresa of Calcutta experienced. God knows our heart and what we can do. Working a great financial plan can unlock this missed joy in our lives.

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Treasure in Heaven

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.25.37 AM.png

This scripture couples with the lesson from the Book of Tobit can really put on display what matters. The faith is the greatest thing we can pass on to the next generation and those in society. Material items may fade away, but passing on the baton of the faith is really storing up rewards for us in heaven. The treasure on Earth is a great way to help orient those around us to God! Wealth blessed by God, achieved by Him and through Him, will encourage others to live that way as well. 

The Three Servants

Do not hide your talents, your skill, or your money. Use the gifts God gave you! For in the end you want to be in God's company, to strive for perfection and the best version of yourself so the Lord will say to you "Well done! You good and faithful servant!".  We should all aspire for this, reap the rewards, and give back. 

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