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"Investment philosophy is a set of guiding principles that inform and shape an individual's investment decision-making process."     -Investopedia

At EDM Capital we have adopted the philosophy of 3 principles and 3 practices, that we must all agree upon before working together. 



1. Faith - In the equity markets and the future

2. Patience - To know results do not happen overnight

3. Discipline - To stick with the plan


1. Asset Allocation - Your % of assets In stocks and bonds

2. Diversification - Many eggs in many baskets, all over the world

3. Rebalancing - Systematically bringing the portfolio back to the agreed upon allocation

If we cannot agree on these principles and practice we should take pause. If these seem intuitive, then we invite you to continue.

The most important piece of advice for our clients is to avoid the news. The modern financial media works hard to spin and twist information in order to get and keep viewers. The responsible investor must avoid this toxic news, filtering the rubbish in order to remain calm and rational while making calculated and informed decisions. 

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