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Many financial planning firms look exactly alike. Quite often it is difficult to tell the difference from one firm to the next. Our firm has broken out of this mold and we'd like to share some of our strongest influences that come from two different groups.


The gurus and the professors. The gurus are those that are pragmatic, motivational, and that have carried and inspired many to cross the finish line of success. The professors are those that are deeply rooted in academia, science, data, theory, testing and the study of outcomes. Together, they can combine into a powerful mixture for our clients. 


The biggest influence on EDM Capital, hands down, is Nick Murray, who is an incredibly successful financial advisor and author. His seminal work, Simple Wealth Inevitable Wealth, has been the most influential book and mentoring series governing the practice. In addition to Mr. Murray, other financial gurus have had an incredible impact on the wealth planning efforts.


These include:

  • Carl Richards - The Behavior Gap

  • Tony Robbins - Money Master the Game  and  Unshakeable

  • Dave Ramsey - The Total Money Makeover

  • Paul Sullivan - The Thin Green Line

  • Ramit Sethi - I Will Teach You To Be Rich

  • John Bowen -The Wealth Management Edge

  • Russ Alan Prince - Fame and Fortune

  • Gary Vaynerchuk - #AskGaryVee

  • Kevin O'Leary - Cold Hard Truth's About Men, Women, & Money

  • Charles Ellis - Winning the Losers Game

  • Burton Malkiel - A Random Walk Down Wall Street

  • Fred Schwed - Where Are The Customer's Yacht's?


Our investment philosophy is a result of investment fundamentals converging with science and data. Our investment philosophy is a guiding principle, a rock and a foundation that we can lean upon when times get tough. Investing involves risk, and although historical data is no guarantee of future performance, we must acknowledge that history is our only tangible guide.


The goals at EDM Capital are to always remain informed by the data, to look at the statistical evidence in an unbiased way, and to execute.  

Our data reporting and interpretations stem from:

  • Eugene Fama, PhD - Founder of Efficient Market Hypothesis

    • Nobel Prize in Economics

    • Dimensional Fund Advisor Board Member

  • Kenneth French, PhD - Founder of Fama-French 3 Factor Model

    • Dimensional Fund Advisor Board Member

  • Harry Markowitz, PhD - Founder of Modern Portfolio Theory

    • Nobel Prize in Economics

  • John Bogle - Founder of Vanguard  

  • Milton Friedman, PhD - Nobel Prize in Economics

  • Ludwig Von Mises, PhD - Praxeology, study of human choice

  • Fritz Meyers, PhD - Advisor 4 Advisor Economic Policy 

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